The Board

The Waterford Suir Valley Railway is a social enterprise with a voluntary board of directors overseeing the governance of the project.

The railway has a full time manager, six participants on TUS, Rural Social Scheme and Community Employment scheme. There are two full time and one part time staff. Two seasonal staff join the crew on a part time basis during the summer season. All the train drivers work on a voluntary basis with a minimum of three on duty each day. The operation is self funding. We do not receive any regular funding support from national or local governments other than grants for specific projects now and again.

Waterford Suir Valley Railway is regulated by the Commission for Railway Regulation and the Charities Regulatory Authority. 

Waterford Suir Valley Railway is a registered charity number 20044220. The company is compliant with the Charities Governance Code.

Waterford Suir Valley Railway is a Company Registered by Guarantee.  

Registered in the Republic of Ireland.  

Registered address : Kilmeadan Station, Kilmeadan, Co Waterford.  

Registered number : 311704 

Board of Directors : John Norris (Chairman) Joe Dowling, Finola Howard, P.J. McIntyre, Alan Moore (Company Secretary), Des O’Keeffe, Michael Wilcock.